In an explosive week, one action that drew tons of fire from all sides was when President Trump announced via Twitter that transgendered people would not be allowed to serve in the military.

While everyone is focusing on the moral, political, financial and legal consequences, as they should, one thing that could be easily overlooked is happening in Virginia.

Odds are you do not know Danica Roem, but she is running for the Virginia House of Delegates after winning a primary back in June.

Roem is transgendered which makes her candidacy unique in Virginia politics but her opponent is far from neutral on this issue.

Incumbent Robert Marshall, as the article above points out, has tried to create a “bathroom bill” similar to the ones in North Carolina and other places that would dictate that people like Roem go to the bathroom determined by their birth gender.

He also tried to ban gay people from joining the National Guard seven years ago, claiming it will “weaken military recruitment and retention”.

So no he did not blame medical costs but the distraction element sounds familiar.

These two diametrically opposed foes already had caught attention of people but Trump’s tweet seems to have placed even more focus on this Northern Virginia race.

A 50,000 dollar donation the day of the tweet has already helped in the pacing of cash flow for this 32-year old challenger.

To her credit Roem is not trying to make this race about her or her lifestyle but the main problems of Manassas like traffic and infrastructure.

Still, if people want a microcosm of left and right in America…this is it.

This is a race that could show where America’s temperament is before the 2018 midterms.

Or…it could just be one isolated event in Virginia, being partially molded by D.C. politics.

Guess we will see what happens.