I have been as an educator for quite some time now and have truly embraced the journey up to this point.

This year I have been tasked to teach a combined class of AP US Gov and AP Comp Gov.

Many schools end up separating the two and I understand the logic behind that decision.

AP US and Comparative Government are both daunting classes with so much content and vocabulary, combining them only exacerbates that problem.

Yet there is so much potential as well.

These classes are much more than just terms and static concepts, it is an insight into the world we live in today.

Unlike most social sciences, it deals with the NOW and how we can move forward in the future not just in America but in the UK, Mexico, Russia, China, Nigeria and Iran.

This website is meant to do several things.

  1. A place to understand to the past of these countries in a straight forward way.
  2. To deal with the current issues in all these countries and the world at large
  3. To help us look forward and solve the problems of today.

We will explore current issues in the model of true analysis: What is going on? How did we get here? What are the perspectives on this issue and what are some of the solutions? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

I know many are fearful of the idea of politics in education because it can become polarized or accused of bias. That is not the point of this class or this website, we intend to present ALL perspectives and invite forum on these debates.

We do not solve these problems by shying away or ignoring them, we have a discourse. It may become heated, it may hurt some egos but we must work together to find amicable solutions and challenge our own perceptions that may be hindering us from working together.

Please join us on this journey!